Lunch for Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's the last day of March and in a few weeks it will be Easter.  So now it's time to do all sorts of Easter type bentos.  So for today I made bunnywich's.  Made with 100% whole wheat bread and turkey.  I cut a small bit of nori for the face and used a pick for the noses.  I didn't notice until I got to work and was looking at the picture that one of the bunnies mouth is kind of off.  Oh well, I am kind of off.  Also in the same container I have grapes and blueberries.  In the other box I have sweet mini peppers, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, a mandarin orange, red beans and a babybel cheese.  I am really enjoying these cheeses since a small cutter makes such great cutouts in the wax.

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  1. I actually think they look kind of bored or with a "...meh" expression. Which is cute. Made me chuckle. Because my face was looking a lot like the right-side bunny this morning. I might have to try those babybel cheese portions. I see them in a lot of places. :o