Lunch for Monday, March 28, 2011

I finally won something on the bento4japan ebay auctions going on.  Just a small accessories set but I was happy I was able to help.  I had actually put in a higher maximum bid than what it ended at but that just means I will be able to bid on something else now.  Gotta budget for bentos you know.  There are many more great  items available.  Make sure you take a look.

Today's lunch was made with many ideas and no plan at all.  I hate when I have all these ideas in my head for bentos and I want to try them all at once.  Sometimes it backfires on me.  We went to the grocery store this weekend and I picked up some Babybel cheese and some of those sweet peppers like seen on the Bento Zen blog.  And I finally got to use my new tamagoyaki pan!  Love it!  Thanks Heather!  She still has more available if you would like to buy your own on the OhayoBento site.

I cooked my tamagoyaki and then placed very thin sliced ham inside before rolling it up.  Also in this box I have a mixture of carrots, cucumber, mint and peanuts inside rice paper.  I added a purple potato/carrot flower to the middle of the rice paper then placed the mixture on top.  I then folded up the bottom and pinched it together to make a ball.  Other items are mandarin orange, cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, sweet mini pepper, broccoli, blueberries and grape mochi.


  1. Looks awesome. :) What box is that? It sure can fit a lot of food!

  2. lol. My boyfriend thinks it is small and could hardly feed anyone.

    I think it's the perfect size. approx 6-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches.

    I bought it on ebay from one of my favorite sellers. They always combine the shipping and deliver quick.

  3. Oh I love the tamagoyaki with the ham! Great idea! I'm so glad you like the tamagoyaki pan :) That bento looks delicious!

  4. Well... I think most men would agree with your boyfriend, haha. But in reality, it's just about the size of a serving. It looks awesome. I'll make sure to check that seller!