Lunch for Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone.  For today I made a girl with a balloon.  I got the idea for the dress of the girl from Fun Lunch Box.  The girl is made with beef bologna, cheddar cheese and a red sweet mini pepper.  Her balloon is a grape on a decorative pick.  In the other part I have red wine vinegar chicken, broccoli, grapes, the rest of the mini pepper, blueberries, tomato, red beans and a carrot/cucumber salad.  I made the salad using the ingredients I normally put into a spring roll.  There is shredded carrot and cucumber, peanuts, mint and green onion.  I did add a little red wine vinegar before I put the mixture in the refrigerator last night.  So it should have soaked up the yummy flavor by lunch time today.


  1. the girl is so cute and looks very happy, i can see it from her smile... and yummy lunch of course. :)