Lunch for Thursday, March 10, 2011

For today's lunch I had really wanted to make a cutout of the new Starbucks logo.  They are celebrating 40 years and without them I would not have spend so much money of coffee.  I tried cutting it out of cheese, no luck.  I tried cutting it out of nori, it broke.  So I gave up on that thought and so fo today I have my bear.

The bear is made using 100% whole wheat bread.  I cut the circles and then took some of the crust and rolled it up for the ears.  The facial details are made from provolone cheese, some that has been colored.  And of course I had to make it a girl and put bows on.  Just like my Build-A-Bears.  Yes I have Build-A-Bears.  Not a lot but some.  Inside is the rest of the provolone cheese and some deli turkey meat.

The rest of the box contains broccoli, lettuce, grapes, grape tomatoes and the rest of this weeks cucumber and carrot mixture.

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