Lunch for Thursday, March 24, 2011

There are just some days when I think my lunch looks blah.  And today's is one of those.  I try to make a sandwich at least once a week.  But today's just lacks color.  I also was trying to use one of my other bento boxes, which I know it's more of a bowl.  I don't use this one often because I never seem to get the food in there how I want.  If I could go back and start over on my first bento buying spree I would have just bought a plain box like my blue or yellow ones.  They get used alot. 

Now don't get me wrong I love all my boxes and I think this one is beautiful.  But some are just not practical.  The first real bento box I bought has all sorts of dividers which I thought I needed.  I don't, heck you really don't need a special box.  And this bowl/box was my second real bento box purchase.  And well, it sits in the cabinet with the first one.  Oh well, lessons learned and I do have 9 boxes now.  I try to refrain from buying more.  But I do have a few styles that I think I would like to have before I buy just to collect.  I really would like an oval shaped wooden one, a stainless steel Lunchbots type and one with the thermal container and side boxes.

For today's lunch I have a lion sandwich.  The lions face was made with cheddar and provolone cheese.  I used 100% whole wheat bread and there is turkey inside.  In the other section I have red beans, baby carrots, rice cracker mix and sweet gherkin pickles.  And I just tossed in a mandarin orange.  I hope everyone has a bentoful day!

The bento4japan auctions are still on going.  I keep getting outbid.  I'm not too upset about it.  That just means that more money is being raised to help those in Japan.

Also Maki from Just Bento has a message on her site regarding this disaster.  I have been following her on Twitter and her commentary on there has me laughing and sometimes dropping my jaw. 

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  1. I don't think it's blah! You must be as hard on yourself as I am, lol! It's funny to hear about your unused boxes. I've been using Lunchbots almost exclusively lately, they're so easy. But, the funny part is that I'm drooling over a bowl style bento box! There's one I want so bad that's almost exactly like the one you have. ^_^