Lunch for Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  It was good to have a couple of days off work and spend time with family.  I managed to go see Rango, do some Asian Mart shopping and enjoy life.  I was very happy with my Asian Mart shopping trip.  I went looking for Sweet Rice Flour to make Mochi.  They had it but they also had packages of Mochi already made.  I opted for the already made.  I also picked up lots of other goodies there.  It was a good shopping trip.

For today's lunch I have a Saint Patrick vixen with her mug of beer and a rainbow.  I wasn't too pleased with how her eyes turned out but I was running out of time and couldn't redo them.  She is made from beef bologna.  Her eyes are provolone cheese, her cheeks and mouth are imitation crab, her hair is orange colored soy wrapper, her mug is cheddar and provolone cheese, her hat is cucumber.  The rainbow is made from strawberries (red), carrots (orange), mango (yellow), bell pepper (green), blueberries (blue) and purple potatoes (purple).  I also added in some chicken cooked in soy and ginger in the lower corner.  And the clovers are made of cucumber.

I also made some clover shaped cookies for my co-workers.  Ahh it's gonna be a good day.

On a more somber note: I have been following Maki from Just Bento on Twitter and she has been posting a lot of updates on Japan.  Also on her Just Hungry site you can find different ways you can help.  The conditions there just seem to get worse all the time.  It is so sad and tragic and hopefully everyone will do what they can to help.

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  1. I wish I worked with you so I could have a yummy cookie. lol.
    I love your Bento!