Lunch for Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is Dr Seuss's birthday and I am celebrating with a bento that reflects my two favorite Dr Seuss books, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" & "Green Eggs and Ham".  The fish are made from provolone cheese, green egg sheet, imitation crab and more provolone that I let soak in blue food coloring.  I think it's a little too blue but there was no turning back.  My green eggs and ham is made from egg sheet and a bratwurst.  I made the egg sheet using my refrigerated egg white mixture and just added green food coloring.  I also added some more of the cabbage I made and my cucumber and carrot mixture.  Both were so yummy yesterday I was happy to add some more to my lunch today.

I also made a breakfast bento this morning.  I normally just drink my coffee for my breakfast but when I was putting the strawberries in my lunch I couldn't resist.  I also put in what was left of the mini banana nut muffins and some cheese cubes.  I'll have to take a lactaid pill but it will be worth it for the colby-jack cheese.

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