Lunch for Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have a dentist appointment today so I decided today's lunch needed a dentist type theme.  Some friends at work suggested some strange things like a mouth with blood.  Then we were laughing about it and I said I need to make more yellow rice and fill the top with something that made it look like a cavity.  Or maybe a tooth shaped bread bowl filled with something.  We were getting pretty silly and all was too gross to actually follow through on.  I mean really, would you want to eat a lunch that looked like you were eating a cavity?  Not me.

I did have a little trouble shaping the rice this morning.  One of my cats turned evil last night and bite down on my hand with all his strength and would not let go.  And he's a BIG cat so he is pretty strong.  It bleed and is so swollen that I woke up last night hurting and had to take a couple of ibuprofen.  I'm going to need more soon because it still hurts.

So for today's lunch I have two teeth made with rice, teriyaki chicken, green beans rolled in a slice of turkey, carrots, grape tomatoes and two pieces of mochi, one is grape flavored and the other is sesame.  So glad I found these at Asian Mart.

And don't forget the bento4japan auctions are still going on.  More great stuff to buy!

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  1. Ow! Sorry to hear about your cat biting you. :( It's funny that your friends get (somewhat) involved with your lunch themes! I definitely like how yours turned out.