Lunch for Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nothing super cute today.  I guess I needed a day off.  Actually I was craving spring rolls made with rice paper.  So that is exactly what I made.  Inside my rice paper I have imitation crab, carrot, cucumber, green onion, and lettuce.  I also added some rice cracker snack and grapes.  I usually use chicken and add peanuts for these but for some reason I think the kid ate all of the peanuts.  So I'll try it like this and see if I like it.


I was doing my daily bento blog cruising and on Just Bento my Girls Day bento was there.  WOW!
Here's the link.  I'm super excited because when I was learning about bento's I found Maki's site and go there often for ideas and recipes.  And yes I own her book The Just Bento Cookbook.  It is one of the things I bought for my birthday.  This has just made my day.

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