Lunch for Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last night we had spaghetti with Italian sausage for dinner so I cut off a piece of the sausage, halved it, scored it, cooked it and saved it for my lunch today.  As I was cooking I had my water boiling and I dumped all the spaghetti in the package into the pot.  The moment it hit the water I had an oh-no moment.  I thought, "Dummy, you use spaghetti pieces to secure some things in your bento.  Too late now and hopefully I will not require any until I get to the store again."  But as it turned out I needed a piece today for the ladybugs head.  I had to use a toothpick.  sigh

I had purchased some egg furikake at Asian Mart the other day and thought I would try it.  So I made two origiri mixed with the furikake.  This is the first time I have tried anything like this and I have to admit the smell wasn't too my liking when I mixed it up.  But I am a daring person and I will give it a taste test.  Sometimes things taste better after the flavors have mellowed and blended.  So we'll see.

Also in this box I have a Babybel made into a ladybug, red beans, sweet mini pepper (those are so tasty!), purple potatoes and carrots cut into butterfly shapes, grapes, grape tomatoes, broccoli and a couple pieces of blueberries.  One blueberry is pinned on for the ladybugs head, with a toothpick.


  1. Hahaha. I've had such uh-oh moments... though I wish I was more like you and just took it in stride. I would've put my hand on the water and retrieved some pieces (been there, done that, NOT a recommended idea!). Lunch looks lovely! Spring-y for sure. :) That butterfly pick is gorgeous! Let us know how you like furikake. I've been meaning to buy some, but havent taken the step for it.

  2. yuck, yuck, gross, blah... ok I should have known better. I don't care for nori unless it's wrapped around some raw fish and this furikake had nori in it. Need to make my own I guess. TJ you want me to ship it to you so you can try? It's just not for me.

    The pick came from the cheap isle at Michael's craft store. And yes I almost stuck my hand in to grab some but thought I could live without a burn. lol