Lunch for Friday, May 14, 2010

OK my son and I both agreed that those udon noodles sucked!  We will not be having them again.  Glad I only bought two packages.  And for today I only had to make my son's lunch.  I am having lunch with a good friend that interned at the company I work for.  He has shown up the last two summers but has decided to intern elsewhere this summer.  I did make myself a breakfast/snack bento.  I remembered I still had a whale bowl that we got some strawberries in at Sea World last summer.  It made the perfect container for a snack.  I had Emeralds Nuts Breakfast Blend trail mix, some grapes and a strawberry.

So onto the kids lunch.  I pulled out the leftover Lemon Chicken from the freezer.  And added a sandwich of ham and cheese.  I did make the Cherry Tomato and Vegetable Gratin Cup from Just Bento.  We'll see how my son likes that.  When I told him what was going to be in his lunch today he proclaimed that that it was nothing special.  Ha I'll fix him next week and make it super cute and not tell him.  That way when he opens it at school he will be embarrassed.  I know, I'm mean.  LOL  But seriously I think his friends will think it's cool.

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