Lunch for Monday, May 10, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I took myself shopping for anything I thought would work for my Bento.  Then I spent about an hour preparing some side dishes that keep well in the frig for my bento's this week.  With that and some other things I threw in the freezer, my morning went pretty smoothly.  This weekend I did go ahead and buy the Wilton Fondant cutter in four different styles.  Sad thing is I only really wanted the tiny cutters in the set.  I do make cutout cookies from time to time so mini cookies will surely be made with the other sizes.

Some of my other finds at the local grocery store that are not normal for me to buy were black sesame seeds, saffron flowers, poppy seeds, udon noodles, cellophane noodles, pasta that is star shaped, and some kumquats.  Shopping for bentos make you look at food differently.

For today's lunch I pulled some of the teriyaki chicken I had left over from last week from the freezer.  And I cooked up the rest of the green beans before they went bad.  The French Green Beans with carrots and ginger from Just Bento have to be my favorite side dish so far.  I used some of my new cutters for the carrot flowers.  I tried using some leafy greens for dividers and I guess I was just not feeling it today.  While it looks tasty.  The cute factor is not really there.  I may have to start coming up with a theme for the lunches as well as a menu.  More planning.  And I really need my new bento box.  It's cool and rainy here and my new bento is made for soup.  That would have been great for today.

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