Lunch for Friday, May 7, 2010

Last night I was determined to find a book on Bento's.  I went to Barnes and Noble.  No Bento books.  Then I went to Borders and while I didn't find the books I was wanting, I did find Cute Yummy Time by LaCarmina.  This was the ONLY bento book in either store.

It is a cute book with some good ideas and a really cute story that carries on throughout the entire book about her and her cat Basil.  I also checked out her website and she is twisted in a good way.  Her cat even has a blog.  It was fun to look through as well.  I will just have to order the books I really was looking for online.  sigh  I did find a really cute 4 bowl set at Borders that was adorable and had a cute panda, mushroom, cat, etc all eating bowls of noodles.  I was going to buy it but talked myself out of it.  It was to babyish is what my son said and I agreed.

While we were out shopping I also made stops at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Party America.  I was hoping to find things I could use in my bentos.  I did find some round silicone cups.  My others ones are heart shaped.  And I found these cute cocktail forks and party pix.  I think I may try and make a trip to the only Asian market around here.  Although EVERYONE I talk to that has been there says it smells bad, it's dirty, they make extra money by ringing up your purchases wrong and the staff is rude.  Hmmm maybe I will stick to what's online.

Here is something my son found at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  He said he just HAD to have them for his bento lunches.  I thought they were kind of cute so I took the bait and they are now his.  Beginner chopstick.  HA they look like a clothes pin at the top.  Should have bought myself a pair just for fun.

Now for lunch...
I did not prepare anything the night before since we were running all over town.  So this morning I cooked some stir-fry noodles really quick.  Then took a chicken breast and made some Lemon Chicken using the recipe from Just Bento.  I know I spent more time arranging my food than I did cooking it.  I did feel like I should have packed more fruit into the top portion (see the cute cocktail fork), but as it was, I was running late.  Allergies kept me up till 1 AM so I took an allergy pill and did not want to get out of bed this morning.  I love the little lady bugs.  They were very easy to make and they add the cute factor.  Now my lemon animal.  I can not figure out if I made a mouse or a cat or what.  LOL

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