Lunch for Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yesterday my son requested sushi for his lunch today. I thought that it would be no problem. I have made sushi lots of times. HA! This must have not been my morning to make sushi. I had so much trouble. But I finally got some of it to look decent to put in his lunch. I wanted just a piece or two for mine but this was not my day. I mean how hard is it to throw some rice on some nori and add some cucumber and crab. UGH!

I did try a new way to cook our tamagoyaki. I have some of these pans that fit across two burners that I use for pancakes. So I whipped up the mixture and poured it onto the hot pan and with my spatula I kept it in a rectangle shape. This made it look more like a traditional one. Yea me!

I had found some udon noodles that were precooked/prepackaged and came with a powder to make a broth at the store this last weekend. I actually found these at Walmart of all places. I did look at the packaging and they are made in California. Works for me. I split the package between both bentos. My son’s bento has some really good tight fitting lids for each of his sections so I put in his noodles and broth together. I just took my broth and placed it in a condiment cup in the center of my noodles to pour on later.

I love my new bento. And I can not wait to have my miso soup. I had bought some but I also received some from Bento & Co with my order. The kind I received from Bento & Co has two packets to make the soup with. One is a sauce and the other is the dried ingredients. My other one is just all in one packet. I’m trying the two packet kind today!

Since this meal did not have a cute factor. I added some dividers. See my bunny and strawberry? Actually the bunny is holding a strawberry but you can’t see it in the photo. I had to have something cute.

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