Lunch for Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bento box for the son and another one for me is on order.  Plus some other little things.  Can't wait for these to come in.  Neither can the son.  He is actually excited about it.  While I was preparing today's meal he started asking what I was making.  He seemed interested in it.  He also made a comment that I was lucky to have such a good lunch.  And he has been getting out of bed earlier just to see what I am putting in my box each day.  Much better than screaming at him to get out of bed.  LOL

I heard all sort of comments from my co-workers about my lunch yesterday.  Most thought I was crazy, some thought it was cool.  And one person said that if it takes longer to fix my lunch than eat it, I have a problem.  But you know what?  All of their negative comments will not stop me.  For the most part I eat lunch in my office, by myself.  So as long as I know it's cute (and healthier) I am fine with that.

For today's lunch I...get this...cut up some chicken thighs the night before and let them marinate overnight in some teriyaki sauce.  That made it so much easier when I just placed them in a skillet this morning.  I also cooked up some brown rice last night as well.  Especially since that takes 30 minutes to cook.  It seems that no matter how little rice I cook I always have just a little too much for my bento box.  Oh well, I have been saving the extra and freezing it.  I also froze the extra chicken.  And I made the Cherry tomato and vegetable gratin cup that is on Just Bento's website.  It was very easy to throw together and cook in the toaster oven.  Smelled yummy while it was cooking.  Can't wait to dig in!

Top left to right: Bell pepper boat with mandarin oranges on top of a bed of broccoli and grape tomatoes; teriyaki chicken
Bottom: brown rice with carrot and broccoli flourishes; cherry tomato and vegetable gratin cup

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