Lunch for Monday, May 17, 2010

This weekend in my mail I received these cute chopsticks!  One of my friends put them in with a card swap for me.  It was a nice surprise!

Also while I was out I did end up going back to Borders to get the bowl set that I thought was too babyish.  Yeah I know.  And they had a bento!  And with my Borders rewards card, they were having a 33% off sale.  So I got both of these for $13.00!

But now onto lunch.  For my son's lunch I made him a palm tree.  I hope he doesn't get too mad at me for this.  But I said last week I was going to do something since he thought Friday's lunch was plain.  The bark of the palm is made from cheese and the palms are snow peas.  I sprinkled on some soy sauce and poppy seeds at the base of the tree.  Also today we are trying Sweet Sour Red Wine Vinegar Chicken from Just Bento.  I took time on Saturday and worked on a bento stash for the freezer.  I portioned everything in cups and froze them.  Worked well for this morning.  I just spent WAY too much time with the palm tree and my alligator though.

Speaking my alligator.  On my Paper Scraping Blog I had posted a card using this same alligator.  I thought he was so cute that I wanted him to be in my lunch.  I cut him out of cucumber.  His floaty and snorkel are made from cheese.  His eyes are black sesame seeds and his teeth are rice.  It was a lot of work but it was fun.  I would have loved to added more details but I was out of time.

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