Lunch for Monday, May 3, 2010

There is one things I can say about eating my Bento for lunch.  I get full.  When I was eating my soup, leftovers, etc I would not get full.  It must be all the rice.  Although this morning I found out that cooking my bento made me real hungry for breakfast.  It just smelled SO good.  I learned a few lessons in preparing today's bento.  Like to cut the chicken up the night before.  It didn't take too long but I really didn't get up early enough to allow myself the time needed.  BUT I did prepare what was on my planning sheet. 

Two of the items I made came from the Just Bento website.  Balsamic Sesame Chicken and French Green Beans with Carrots and Ginger.  I prepared the beans last night while making dinner.  I sampled a few and they are AWESOME.  I know I will be making that again.  I did use fresh organic green beans and pre-shredded carrots.  Was so simple to make.  The chicken was easy to make this morning as well.  But for some reason I thought I had more sesame seeds than I did.  So I just used up what I had and added that to my next shopping list.

I will be glad when my bento box comes in.  I think my lunch will be much cuter than in the ziplock container.  But it is a happy lunch.  See it smile?

Top left: rice balls with nori eyes
Bottom left: French green beans with carrots and ginger; grape tomato nose and carrot smile
Top right: mandarin oranges
Bottom right: Balsamic Sesame Chicken

Last night my son wanted sushi for dinner so that is what I made him.  I have made sushi before at home and it really is not that hard to do.  It just takes some time to prepare all the ingredients.  Ours had nori, rice, crab, cucumber and avocado.  I made one with the nori on the outside and one with it inside for each of us.  It was yummy.

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